This is a preliminary roadmap for Aeol Alpha. The game is under heavy development and priorities may change.


Date Feature Status Release
Q4 2019 Show names and health of enemy ships. Done 0.2.147
Q4 2019 2nd ship and ship selection dialog Done 0.2.156
Q4 2019 Count kills and display them in the player list. Done 0.2.159
Q4 2019 Camera control: Allow player to move the camera around the ship. Done 0.2.166
Q4 2019 Single shot fire mode Done 0.2.166
Q1 2020 Package ready-to-use windows client Done 0.2.183
Q1 2020 Improve keyboard and mouse controls In development  
Q1 2020 Show sail status (reefing) in GUI Not started  
Q1 2020 Introduce collectable power-ups Not started  
Q1 2020 Sailing physics polishing In development  
Q1 2020 GUI rework Not started  
Q1 2020 Player chat Done 0.2.190
Q2 2020 Islands In development